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Move your goods securely

While moving to a new home, we also move along our house articles. But it is not easy to move them while ensuring that they remain unscratched. For this reason many packers and movers have extended their help in making it possible for us to enter our new home without any tensions and cribbing. They not only carefully pack our things for us but also make sure that they are delivered at our new address in the same condition that they were before being packed. To ensure that not a single mistake is made or no article is lost in the process, these companies have also started offering insurance on all household articles.

There are three types of insurance coverage that are offered by these companies. The first one pertains to the minimum coverage that has been prescribed by law. This is included in the base price of services availed by a customer. This is the most cost effective policy for ensuring the security of your articles. But it is advised to avail a separate policy for more expensive goods like antiques because in case they are damaged or lost, the company is liable to pay only the minimum coverage that the policy offers. No extra compensation can be demanded.

The other type of coverage is assessed on the basis of total value of the goods. For this it is necessary for the customer to declare the value of individual goods. After total valuation has been made, the customer is required to pay a premium. This premium is usually does not exceed 1% of the total value. The third type of coverage provides the maximum benefits to a customer. Under this policy, a company is under the obligation of replacing the article that it has lost or has permanently damaged it. The replacement can be made in the form of an article of the same kind or through cash payment. The cash payment equals the replacement value of the article that is currently prevalent in market. The cost of services offered under this coverage is subjective.

To make sure that you avail maximum benefits of these policies, it is necessary to ascertain a few points regarding them. These tips can be availed from professional or internet. All this will help ensure that you do not incur extra and unnecessary expenses for the faults of done by others, and also that your new house is decorated with your favorite articles.

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